Saturday, November 12, 2011

Home, Sweet, New Home

Today, the kids, puppy and I finally got to see our new home!  First though, we had to get here.  Whew.  We loaded up my sister's SUV and our car with boxes I had already packed, two kids, two adults and a dog who does not like riding in cars.  Or SUVs.  We made it about 2 miles then switched so that I was with the kids and daddy was with the puppy.  Tomorrow, I drive back with the kids AND the puppy.  I need a good night's sleep for THAT not to end up a catastrophe!

Fifteen years my husband and I have been together.  Twelve married, one engaged, one dating, one has friends.  And we've never done anything without the other - at least in terms of BIG life decisions.  But this time, the circumstances warranted it.  He picked the house.  Signed the papers. And I started packing.  I wasn't worried.

And for good reason.  He has impeccable taste.  The house is lovely.  The neighborhood is lovelier.  Will we stay here forever?  Of course not.  We signed an 18 month lease.  But for that year and a half, I plan to be perfectly content.  We have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, two garages, a nice kitchen, a community pool, park and beautiful, BEAUTIFUL trees.

We went out today to get a new couch.  SCORE!  Found one we both liked, it was the right size, the right color, right material AND the right price.  So we decided to throw in a curio cabinet for all of my crystal.  It will go perfectly with my piano.  We still need a washer and dryer, but a girl's gotta have priorities.

We are LITERALLY a stone's throw (if you have a really strong arm) from my new job and our kids' school.  It's pretty flipping awesome.  I have internal GPS now to Price Chopper, Hy-Vee, the pharmacy, Walmart, Subway, the ER and Starbucks - you know, the basics. ;)

And tonight, we'll cozy up in our air mattresses and sleeping bags and wake up for the first night in our new house (which also has a cozy fireplace that turns on when you flip a switch.  I'm spoiled).

Good night.