Monday, February 15, 2010

Echo #18

Echo is a wonderful story from one of my favorite writer/artists Terry Moore, who is most known for his last creation Strangers In Paradise. Echo is about a photographer named Julie who witnesses a government experiment that seems to go terribly wrong. I say seems because we find out later that the accident may not have been an accident at all. Julie unwillingly becomes hunted by the government when fallout from the experiment bonds to her chest in the form of a strange metal breastplate capable of emitting an electric charge. She suddenly finds herself on the run with the help of Dillon who is the boyfriend of Annie, the scientist who lost her life in the accident. They come across many struggles in their journey to find the truth behind Annie's death and this mysterious metal. One of these struggles comes in the form of an old man, bearing a resemblance to the Gorton's Fish Sticks Captain, who's hand is bonded with the same metallic substance that is spreading and now covers much of Julie's body. This man has learned to use the metal's power as a weapon and is going on a killing spree.

In issue 18 we find him attacking a group of scientists connected to the experiment in what is probably the most gruesome scene so far in the story. Julie is hiding out with her mentally unstable sister Pam at the home of Ivy, a government agent originally ordered to hunt down Julie but is now helping her, and Ivy's young daughter. Julie and Ivy have discovered a wonderful new power the metal possesses and have decided to see just what it's capable of.

Echo is one of my favorite comics coming out right now. Every month I have trouble deciding whether to read it first, or put it at the bottom of my stack. Sometimes I do both. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys government conspiracies, science fiction, and character development. The art is black and white, but don't let that steer you away from the book. Even though it lacks color on the page, the images jump off the page and fill your mind with a full color picture of this world and the characters involved. The first three trades are now available but after you read them you will probably want to start picking it up monthly. I can't imaging waiting six months to see what happens next.

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